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Lifestyle Assessment Service

To help you produced a cardiovascular risk assessment based on data on a patient’s lifestyle AAH offers an intuitive software solution.

How does the service work?

  • Records a patients height, weight, age, sex and ethnicity
  • Helps to identify a patients current risk and a 'what if' risk based on changes in lifestyle made.
  • Enables a full review to be made across total cholesterol, blood pressure, weight management and patient lifestyle i.e. smoking & alcohol intake to be measured.

What else will it do?

  • Produce a customer friendly report personalised to your Pharmacy.
  • The 'what if change' enables you to demonstrate how altering lifestyle factors will effect future health predictions.
  • Can be used to create GP referral letters and analysis of data.
  • The service is a great visual aid to create impact with a patient.
  • Pharmacy branding can be applied and bespoke questions asked
  • Customer reports can be created with summary easily stored and re-called.

Service fees

The Lifestyle Assessment Software is available for £349 and includes 12 months telephone support, free upgrades within the first year of subscription, plus 20 pre-printed report pages to get your service started.

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