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All About Retail


What is it?

It is the AAH solution for managing and maximising OTC sales & profit in a competitive market place. The All About Retail service helps pharmacy drive compliance and manages stock to improve cash flow. It is aimed at making sure that all opportunities for creating the right customer impression are taken and educating Pharmacy staff to better understand and exploit selling opportunities.

2 out of 3 customers are influenced by the layout of your pharmacy. All About Retail is designed to help you to maximise your retail space and ensure your customers are influenced to purchase.

What does it do?

Unique to independent pharmacy the service is designed to help you respond to the changes and competitive nature of today's market place. Its aim is to help you meet customer needs and maximise profit to your business.

It is a collaborative partnership with the Pharmacy which takes into consideration regional product preferences and requirements to make sure that the finished look & product mix is the right one to give maximum impact within your pharmacy.

The service uses unbiased market information based on a combination of IMS UK pharmacy data, AAH knowledge and experience, historical sales data and sales potential.

The Benefits to Pharmacy

  • Increase sales & profit in counter sales
  • Improved store layout & appearance
  • Reduced stock holding & financial savings
  • Customer friendly layout to improve sales
  • Staff knowledge enhanced on categories & products
  • Improved sales through staff link selling knowledge & implementation

Success stories / testimonials

Excellent Service! We are now stocking goods and high volume stock and removing slow moving stock” Phillip *Crossgar Pharmacy *

“An easy way to ensure all the latest lines are on display and in a customer friendly layout!” Jon Worton *Matchborough Pharmacy *

“Increased OTC and GSL sales, since last visit!” Fiona Mcelray *Whithorn Pharmacy * 

"Fantastic service which is greatly valued. Recommend the service to every Pharmacist!" Derian Evans - Gofal Healthcare LTD

"Tremendous impact! Service allows us to gain maximum impact when it comes to displaying our products and the appearance of the pharmacy." Derian Evans, Gofal Healthcare LTD

"All categories have seen an improvement in sales, as well as additional link and incremental sales being achieved." Grame Gould, Living Care Pharmacy

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