We're All About Health

Sangers has been delivering excellence to pharmacy for over 150 years and with AAH Pharmaceuticals we have a new opportunity to bring together scale and expertise with first class service and relationships.

Ensuring you, our pharmacy customers, continue to receive the best pharmacy supply service today and for another 150 years.

Your relationship and business remains important to us both, which is why we make a clear promise that you’ll continue to be supported exactly as you always have been. Customer satisfaction and the relationships we currently hold are still, and will always be, the most important focus of our businesses.

Inspiring more positive lives

Together AAH and Sangers form a truly powerful partnership for healthcare in Northern Ireland, a partnership that unites the vital role you provide – serving the needs of local communities – with our market knowledge, expertise and business strengths.

The legacy and deep rooted relationships that are at the very essence of the Sangers brand is something that continues to be celebrated. The values and vision of AAH and Sangers are so similar it’s only natural they should be brought together to help us deliver the best possible pharmacy supply service to you our valued customers.

The Sangers and AAH leadership teams here in Northern Ireland thank you for your loyalty and custom to date and look forward to continuing our partnership and shared goals as together we support the healthcare needs of our communities.