How will I claim my Quality Payment?

To claim for quality payments, pharmacies will need to complete an online declaration, during the periods that declarations are available on the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) website, which can be found here.

The website will be open for declarations as detailed below.

Review Point
29th June 2018
11th June 2018
13th July 2018

Once your online declaration has been submitted it cannot be altered. You are responsible for the information included in the submitted declaration. It is therefore imperative that contractors check their declaration thoroughly before submitting their declaration.

The declaration will require the contractor to confirm that all the gateway criteria have been met before being able to access the more detailed questions for each individual quality criterion.

Validation of Claims

Validation of the declarations submitted by contractors will be carried out using nationally and locally available information. Contractors who appear not to have met the criteria in relation to their declarations may be required to provide further evidence to NHS England local teams or to the NHS BSA as requested for post payment verification.


This is the first time a scheme that financially rewards actions which represent quality has been introduced into the CPCF. In order to determine the impact of the quality payments scheme and to inform future development of the CPCF, NHS England will be evaluating the scheme.

One element of this evaluation is to include some questions when pharmacies are completing their declaration. Declaration questions and evaluation questions will be clearly identified. Declaration questions are mandatory. We would encourage every contractor to complete the evaluation questions to support future developments in payments for quality. The scope of the evaluation is being considered alongside introduction of the scheme and you may wish to contribute to this evaluation further at a later date.