Quality Payments Scheme Help & Support

AAH is here to support you during these challenging times. To help you to maximise your Quality Payment, Careway our business support brand have developed resources and guidance to help you to be compliant.

The Careway Quality Payment Toolkit includes tools for each of the Quality Criteria, simply pick and choose the support you need.

Pharmacies need to meet four Gateway Criteria to be eligible to claim a quality payment. You should:

Provision of at least one specified advanced service MUR, NMS, NUMSAS Pilot

NHS Choices entry up to date

New for June 2018 – NHS Choices should include bank holidays

Ability for staff to send and receive NHS mail

New for June 2018 – must be from a shared NHS Mail account

Ongoing utilisation of the Electronic Prescription Service

Only if you meet the four gateway requirements will you be eligible to claim. Your payment value will then depend on how many of the eight quality criteria you achieve at each review point.

Review Date
Support Available
Prices from
Patient Safety
Written annual safety report available for inspection at review point. Contractors that claimed for this quality payment in 2017 will not be able to use the same patient safety report to make a claim in June 2018. For the June 2018 declaration they will need to update their previous report to show how the elements set out in the Drug Tariff have been updated and refreshed since their 2017 patient safety report was completed.
29th June
Careway Quality Care
Operating guidance, templates & logs to provide evidence for annual report
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Patient Safety
80% registered pharmacy professionals have Level 2 safeguarding status
29th June
Careway Safeguarding Policy
Guide to help you create a Safeguarding Policy
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Patient Experience
CPPQ results from last 12 months published on the pharmacy’s NHS Choices page. For contractors that claimed for this quality payment in 2017, they will need to undertake a new survey, analyse the responses and produce a report of the results and publish the results on the pharmacy’s NHS Choices page to meet this quality criterion in June 2018.
29th June
Careway CPPQ Service Single end-to-end package to help you conduct your survey and display your results on NHS Choices
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Public Health
Healthy Living Pharmacy level 1
29th June
Healthy Living Pharmacy Complete Pack Everything you need to start your journey to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy, develop your team and provide them with resources to engage proactively with your community.
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Healthy Living Pharmacy Distance Leadership Training A distance learning course with videos which meets all the requirements of the HLP Quality Criteria, this course will develop managers as HLP leaders of their team and is an accessible alternative to face-to-face training.
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Health Champion Distance Training Distance learning programme to support you to qualify as a Health Champion. Choose if you only need to train a champion.
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Healthy Living Leaflet Starter Pack Support to help you introduce a Healthy Living Zone in to your pharmacy.
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Healthy Living Pharmacy Portfolio A guide to enable you to successfully build your own HLP portfolio.
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Digital (SCR)
Demonstration of having accessed the Summary Care Record and increase in access. The dates for comparison of SCR accesses are now from Monday 1st May 2017 to Sunday 26th November 2017 compared to Monday 4th December 2017 to Sunday 1st July 2018.
29th June
Careway Summary Care Record Implementation Pack
Support to introduce SCR in your pharmacy including usage trackers
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Digital (DoS)
NHS111 Directory of Services entry up to date at review point. Contractors will be required to edit or confirm that the information in the pharmacy’s DoS profiles are correct on the DoS Profile Updater; this must be done by 23:59 on 29th June 2018.
29th June
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Clinical Effectiveness
Asthma patients dispensed more than 6 short acting inhalers with no corticosteroid inhaler in a 6 month period are referred to appropriate health care professional for review. For those contractors who claimed for this criterion in 2017, a new review of patients since 24th November 2017 will be required.
29th June
Careway Asthma Referral Pack
Identify patients with uncontrolled asthma who need further support
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80% of all pharmacy staff working in patient facing roles are trained ‘Dementia Friends’
29th June
All Careway Partners can now complete Dementia Friends training at the Careway Academy.
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Including operational guidance, templates and log sheets to provide evidence for the annual report, the Careway Quality Care Pack will equip you to be compliant with Patient Safety Report Quality Criteria.

Patient safety and ‘Quality Care’ is important beyond meeting the requirements to claim your Quality Payment for the Patient Safety Report criteria. The Quality Care pack will support you to improve patient safety in your pharmacy.

The guidance shared through ‘Quality Care’ brings together professional best practice and the insight of experienced practitioners who work in day to day practice or in specialised Clinical Governance and Professional Standard roles throughout the Celesio UK network.

We hope that you find this pack helpful and that throughout its implementation you are able to provide improved ‘Quality Care’ for your customers and become compliant to claim your Patient Safety Report Quality Payment.


  • Careway Quality Care Introduction
  • Near Miss Log Sheet
  • Near Miss Review Sheet
  • Near Miss Review Attendance List
  • Careway Professional Standards Audit
  • Quality Care Useful Documentation
  • Written Report template

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The Careway Safeguarding Policy and Procedure allows you to build on the requirements of the Quality Payments Scheme by helping you to create a Safeguarding Policy that reflects both your pharmacy’s beliefs and the legal obligations you have as healthcare professionals in safeguarding.

Safeguarding is important beyond meeting the requirements to claim your quality payment. Safeguarding is everybody’s business and the safety and wellbeing of those in vulnerable circumstances should be at the forefront of our industry.

Community Pharmacy holds a unique position amongst healthcare professionals to be able to support the safeguarding agenda. This is due to our immediate accessibility and knowledge of the community.

Therefore, we are a rich source of intelligence to the local authorities to help protect children and adults at risk.

Includes: Careway Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Policy and Procedure

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The mandatory Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire is now part of the Quality Payments Scheme. CPPQ can all too often be a burden for busy pharmacies across England and Wales.

The Careway CPPQ Module enables you to concentrate on supporting customers, while we take the hassle out of your annual survey for you.


  • Organising and providing patient surveys
  • Third party expertise to manage data collection and analysis
  • An online portal to access your results
  • Online forms for ease of use
  • Quick printing of additional questionnaires
  • Easy-print posters showing your results

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Healthy Living Pharmacy Leadership Training

There are four main requirements you need to complete in order to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1. Careway has a variety of solutions to support you to claim your quality payment:

  • Leadership training for the pharmacy manager
  • Selecting a Health Champion who will need to complete the appropriate training
  • Creating a portfolio that details how your pharmacy is getting involved with the community and championing health
  • Having a Healthy Living Promotion Zone in your pharmacy, that is refreshed every six to eight weeks

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    In this pack you will find the tools that will enable you to meet the requirements of the Summary Care Record Quality Criteria.

    On the day of the first review, the pharmacy can demonstrate a total increase in access to Summary Care Records between 1 December 2016 and 28 April 2017 in comparison to the previous 5 months; and on the day of the second review, the pharmacy can demonstrate a total increase to access to Summary Care Records between 1 May 2017 and 24 November in comparison to the previous 7 months.


    • Summary Care Record Pharmacy Implementation Pack
    • Summary Care Record Standard Operating Procedure
    • Consumer leaflet ‘Summary Care Records: helping us help you’
    • Opt Out Form
    • Summary Care Record Pharmacy Access Log
    • SCR Viewing Tracker for Independent Pharmacies (excel doc)s
    • SCR Viewing Tracker for Multiples (excel doc)

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    You can claim a Quality Payment by simply making sure that your pharmacy’s NHS111 Directory of Services entry is up to date at each review point.

    All AAH customers can download a handy ‘how to guide’ to ensure that your entry is up to date. Click here to get your copy.

    Includes: Careway NHS 111 Directory of Services How to Guide

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    The Clinical Effectiveness Criteria provides an opportunity for you to deliver an excellent pharmacy experience to asthma patients in your community, so that they can live life to the fullest.

    The Careway Quality Payments Asthma Referral Pack will support you to identify patients with uncontrolled asthma who need further support.


    • Careway Quality Payments Scheme Asthma Referral How to Guide
    • GP Referral Letter
    • GP Referral Form
    • Quality Payments Data Collection Form

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    All Careway Partne rs can now complete Dementia Friends training at the Careway Academy.The Careway Academy is your one-stop location for the training and development needs of all pharmacy staff. Click here to find out more.

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