AAH Point Online Ordering

With AAH Point, you can place your orders with AAH online and track them using the live order status feed. You even have the option to set up a product favourites list to save you more time.


AAH Point gives you the full online shopping experience:

  • Items in your shopping basket are automatically swept ahead of your cut-off time
  • Active invoices for any orders not yet received
  • Maintain your ‘favourites’ by adding your regularly ordered products on to the list

Set up your account by calling our helpdesk agents on 0344 5612266 to get your unique username and password.

Account Reports

  • High level sales data for a rolling 13 month period
  • You can place orders on behalf of your other pharmacies (Delivery a/c)
  • Maintain your ‘favourites’ by adding your regularly ordered products on to the list
  • Remittance advice and purchase summaries for the past 3 months Invoices/ Credits
  • The ability to view and search for specific invoices and credit notes
  • Product Availability and Transparency
  • View the latest product information including what is out of stock and when it will be available
  • Receive alerts to notify when a product is back in stock at your local AAH branch
  • Pricing
  • View current product pricing that is specific to you

Management Reports

  • Invoice, credits and cash payments for the past 13 months
  • Remittance advice, purchase and VAT summary for the past 12 months
  • VAT purchase reports for the past 12 months
  • Search facility for purchase from specific suppliers down to invoice level
  • Search for generic purchases down to invoice level