Monthly Management Report (MMR)

We want to ensure that your monthly reporting is simple and convenient for you as our customer. The MMR (Monthly Management Report) is held on a CD keeping a record of all of your AAH transactions in one place. This includes copies of your remittance advice, statements, invoices & credit notes for one month, to enable easy access at any time.

MMR is split into easy to navigate sections that allow you to find what you are looking for quickly, with a search facility that can provide you with specific supplier, product or invoice information. All searches will be linked to the invoice allowing you to drill down to the lowest level.

What's more the CD has the facility to export data – allowing you to manipulate the information to suit your individual needs.

For a small monthly membership fee benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use navigation which minimises the time allocated to invoice and credit management
  • One CD helping you to reduce the amount of paperwork
  • Cross referenced documents allowing you to find information quickly & in detail
  • Credit notes & invoices which can be printed out if misplaced
  • Potential to be used as Recognised VAT Reference document
  • Ability to export data to develop tailored reports

It is advisable that you confirm with your local VAT inspector that this system is acceptable to be used as an alternative to paper records.