Community Pharmacy

We are passionate about providing expertise and support to you as our customer. The highest standards of customer care are at the heart of our values. At AAH we constantly strive to deliver you the best possible service.

As our customer you benefit from the UK’s leading pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution network, along with our expertise from OTC, pharmacy services, business and marketing through to wholesale and IT.

AAH has the flexibility and support to deploy the skills, services and systems you need to drive efficiency and increase simplicity within your business. A strong partnership with your core wholesaler has increasing importance given pressures on UK pharmacy funding and therefore the need for changes to your business model.

Our pharmacy services will help you to support your patients through long-term conditions and build trust and loyalty. By delivering high quality health services you’re able to forge even closer ties with your patients; it’s a healthy approach that builds relationships and places your pharmacy at the heart of the community you serve.