AAH Complete Generics Scheme

Enhanced choice of manufacturer schemes

With Complete Generics Scheme, we support your chosen manufacturer scheme and deliver industry-leading availability, a complete range of generics and best-in-market value.

The benefits of a scheme without the drawbacks…

Most manufacturer product/pricing schemes deliver value on the items included, but have hidden challenges:

o Problems with availability
o Limited ranges
o Focuses on the manufacturer's portfolio, not the complete basket
o Complex pricing on products not included

Complete Generics Scheme eliminates these disadvantages while ensuring you get the benefits. You get the best of both worlds


o A reliable supplier for all your generics products – not just your chosen scheme – with the best value in the market.
o High availability of products, meaning you spend less time sourcing products and freeing your time to focus on you patients.
o Guaranteed competitive prices for the products and lines that fall outside your chosen scheme.
o Exemption from return charges.
o Support in the running of your business, to help optimise your workflow and maximise efficiency.

You’ll also get dedicated account management to keep you up to date with product availability and help you reach your target.

Discuss the best generics scheme for your pharmacy with your AAH business manager or call 0344 561 8889