Q: Where do you deliver to?

A: We deliver within the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. As an AAH customer we will deliver to the location you have specified on the account details.

Q: Who will deliver my order?

A: We operate our own delivery network using our specialised ‘Pharma Vans’ which ensure that medicines are stored at the correct temperature and in the correct conditions whilst being delivered to you. We also utilise the services of third party carriers who use approved delivery vans.

Q: How long will my delivery take?

A: Singles product orders are processed through AAH, and are delivered twice daily. If you place an order in the morning you will receive it in the afternoon. If you place an order in the afternoon, you will receive it the next morning. Where the product is not stocked in your local depot, you will receive it within 24 hours of ordering. Outer/bulk orders processed by Enterprise are delivered once a week and you will be notified when your order is out for delivery.

Q: How much does delivery cost?

A: Unless otherwise stated, our price is inclusive of delivery if the delivery location is within the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. In the case of “special deliveries” (i.e. deliveries which are not normal scheduled deliveries) a separate charge will be specified.

Q: What should I do if my order doesn't arrive on the expected delivery date?

A: We always endeavour to deliver your order as quickly as possible. If your order hasn't arrived within 3 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) of receiving your order dispatch confirmation email, please contact our AAH customer care on 0344 561 8899 for further information.

Q: I haven't received all of my order?

A: Please check your confirmation e-mail to see if all items were ordered. You should also check the order reply details to see if items have been cancelled or the quantities have changed. Occasionally, when we process your order some of the items may not be available or we do not have enough stock. We don't want to delay the rest of your order so we'll cancel the out of stock item or change the quantity, and dispatch the rest to you. The order reply detail will show everything we've included and we'll only charge you for the items we send.

Please check the paperwork included in your parcel as your order may be dispatched in more than one delivery. Please remove all packaging to confirm the item isn't hidden or lost within the packing.

If required then please contact our AAH customer care on 0344 561 8899 for further information.

Q: Why has an item been removed from my order?

A: Occasionally some of the items in your order may not be available. To avoid delaying the rest of your order, we’ll cancel the out of stock items and dispatch the rest of the order. The paperwork for your order will show everything we’ve included.