AAH announces no fuel surcharge to be applied this month.

With independent Fuel Price Reports showing pump prices continuing to fall below a 120p threshold AAH is pleased to announce no fuel surcharge will be applied to this month’s AAH Account Statement.

We have all seen fuel prices rising rapidly in recent months

With the cost of diesel hitting its highest levels since December 2014, reaching an average of 122p per litre this January.

On average pump prices are now over 20% more expensive than this time last year. With analysts predicting further increases throughout 2017 it is no longer sustainable for AAH to maintain a suspension of the fuel surcharge.

From 1st April 2017 AAH will be re-introducing the fuel surcharge
at a rate of £10 per month.

What you need to know

  • Customers spending less than £10,000 per month will be subject to the fuel surcharge (Excludes VAT, prior to discounts and including credits)
  • Will be added as a single line to your month-end AAH account statement
  • AAH will review in line with AA Fuel Price Reports, with the rate adjusted with every 5p per litre increase or decrease
  • The fee covers all your daily AAH deliveries made during the calendar month
  • Customers who use AAH for solus lines only continue to be exempt

Your AAH account manager could help you become exempt

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Fuel Surcharge Table

Charges made by AAH are as a direct result of the large increase in the pump price of diesel. We will continue to monitor prices at the pump making future adjustments in line with changes to the cost of fuel. Using data provided by AA Fuel Price Reports we will be adjusting the surcharge up or down monthly in accordance with the table below:

Re-introducing a fuel surcharge is not a decision we have taken lightly, not least because of the impact pharmacies face as a result of funding cuts.

AA Fuel Price Reports

Check the latest AA fuel price report Here

If you have any questions...

please contact your AAH account manager