hospitals logistics services

AAH Hospital Service has spent time understanding how to create services that support Hospitals with the Hospital internal supply chain including elements like Inventory management, product receipting, automation and product storage.

AAH now has the ability to discuss and provide services in areas like waste, ward services and inventory management and how these can link with dispensing services within Hospital Pharmacy.

Specific examples include the following:

Ward Services:

The provision of a consolidated ward box service, taking into consideration formulary requirements and demand profiling.


Identifying and reducing waste in the journey of medicines from Pharmacy to Patient.

Bulk Services:

Providing Hospital bulk deliveries that support high volume products being in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantities.

Collect & Deliver:

AAH collect and deliver allows your pharmacy to move medication around your estate in a safe, controlled and validated way, allowing you to make the most efficient use of your stock.

The key features:

  • National coverage across mainland UK
  • Regulated supply chain
  • Secure and sealed tote boxes
  • Round-the-clock capability to book, track and view progress – all online via
  • Conformance of safe and secure handling of medicines standards

AAH Collect and Deliver is integrated with AAH Medecator, working to optimise your stock and network to grow your profit. You’ll also save money through reduced shrinkage. Your low-demand stock can be relocated quickly to where the need is greater.