hospitals medecator

Medecator is a secure e-trading and management tool for hospital customers.

Medecator allows customers to trade electronically and hassle free with suppliers and wholesalers. The system provides invoicing and management information along with individual contract price date for each customer and their accounts.

The intuitive web based tool is user friendly and easy to understand. It can be used by many different users on any pharmacy system, safe and securely. The centralized storage of product information gives live information, improving efficiency in the ordering process by saving time and reducing error rates.

Medecator is FREE to AAH Hospital Services customers, with minimal set-up resulting in a flexible and easy to use system

Medecator is our tool for hospital customers, allowing restricted resources to be spent elsewhere, with minimal setup, resulting in a flexible and easy to use system. Contract Price linking is a function on Medecator that allows your contracts to switch over automatically on the correct contract go live date helping your team to stay on top of contract pricing.

Benefits to using Medecator Contract Price Linking:

  • Reduction in input time
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Simple process enables delegation of workload among staff
  • Ability to map Hospital Contract Products in advance
  • Releases time to deal with ordering, invoices and credit queries
  • Correct contract sales being made meaning there are less credits and returns