AAH Specials

AAH specials is our safe and reliable service that will allow you to supply unlicensed medicines and Special obtains to your customers quickly and hassle free. Our dedicated Specials team include experts in products, ordering and endorsing to ensure that everything runs smoothly for you and your patients.

If you choose to take up our specials service, you’ll benefit from access to a range of unlicensed medicines and special obtains with transparent and fair pricing. With a dedicated Specials team, we will work with you to ensure everything runs efficiently for you and your patients

AAH Complete Specials

To save your staff time and hassle of searching for Specials, simply always call AAH and get rewarded for your loyalty.

Commit to purchasing all specials through AAH Complete Specials - save time and get rewarded for your loyalty.

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In addition, if you are part of one of our Complete Generics propositions you may be able to take advantage of Complete Generics Plus.